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Five Konongo Odumase Senior High School students have been arrested in connection with the stabbing of a 15-year-old first-year student, according to the Konongo District Police Command in the Ashanti region.

On Friday, November 5, 2021, Larhan Sam’un was stabbed with a knife by a colleague after attempting to settle a scuffle between his mates.

According to preliminary police investigations, the prime suspect, 17-year-old Emmanuel Frimpong, was abusing some form-one students and, in response to resistance from some students, he stabbed Larhan Sam’un to death.

According to police, five people, including the main suspect, have been arrested and detained to assist with the investigation.

“These five suspects who are all in form two ganged up and decided to go and bully the form-one students and assault some of them. The first-year students who felt that the action was uncalled-for resisted and was able to rescue one particular student from the grips of these five suspects. This action infuriated the five suspects, and one of the suspects, Emmanuel Frimpong rushed on one of the first-year students in an attempt to slap him.”

“Now Larhan Sam’un, who was close by, stopped Osei Frimpong. This action infuriated the main suspect, and then he pulled a small kitchen knife which he had concealed on him and stabbed the Larhan Sam’un at the lower left rib. The deceased started bleeding profusely and was then rushed to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Police have been able to arrest all the five suspects and also retried the blood-stained small kitchen knife”, DSP Osei Adu Agyemang, the District Police Commander for Konongo told Citi News.

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