Father of Tweneboa Kodua SHS student blames school for the death of his son

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Father of the 19-year-old final-year Tweneboa Kodua SHS student who reportedly died after scaling a wall has blamed the school authorities over the death of his son.

The father, Larry Duut accused the school authorities of neglecting his son after he got injured from the fall.

According to Mr. Duut, he received a call from the school informing him about his son’s accident and asked him to come check on his son.

He explained that, after arriving later at the school, he was informed that his son has passed away after jumping a wall and landed on his chest.

Mr. Duut indicated that the school authorities failed to take his son to the hospital as soon as he fell but waited for several hours before doing that.

The distraught father stated that his son wouldn’t have died if he was rushed to the hospital immediately after he fell.

I had a distress call from campus at about 11:00 pm Monday that my son is seriously injured. The students told me on the phone that my son was asleep at the dormitory around the hours of 7:40 and 8 thereabout so a teacher stormed their room and drove them away.

So Edward Duut abruptly woke up and unknowingly jumped the third floor of the dormitory and landed on his chest. So, I instructed the students to give the phone to my son who was at that time, according to the students, lying down in pains.

So I asked my son what happened and he responded that ‘Daddy I’m feeling dizzy and tired so I can’t talk. That was the last thing my son could say. My son had died by the time I arrived“, Mr. Duut explained.

The 19-year old student was pronounced dead on arrival after he was rushed to the Kumawu Polyclinic.

The Kumawu District Police have also disclosed that a post-mortem will be performed on Friday to know the cause of death.

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