.Failed MMDCEs urge calm among rampaging youth

A group of disappointed Metropolitan, Municipal, and District Chief Executives (MMDCEs) have called for calm among rioting party supporters over President Nana Akufo-Addo’s nominations.

According to them, party faithful must work with the nominees for the betterment of the assemblies and the country at large.

The group called Coalition of MMDCE Aspirants (COMAS) wants supporters who are on vandalism and rioting spree to accept and respect the President’s decision as they have accepted it.

There have been pockets of chaos and violence in some areas following the release of the list last week.

Notable among them is the Chereponi case where the youth went on a rampage, destroying party property to register their displeasure about the nominee, Zowera Mada Nshiru.

But COMAS says these agitations are not necessary because the President couldn’t have selected every aspirant.

President of COMAS, Emmanuel Frimpong Oberempong, said they will support the appointed nominees to work hard.


“We advise our colleagues to accept the president’s decision. There were many aspirants in many of the constituencies and the President could not have appointed us all.

“We are calling for calm among aspirants who were not appointed, let us all unite and not sit on the sidelines but rather collaborate with the appointees to work hard for the party,” he said.

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