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Students were left with no option than to giggle silently when their revered lecturer was seen biting his fingers as he tried frantically to solve a Maths problem he gave them.

Apparently, the lecturer could not “find X”… a situation that put his credibility on the line.

“Did he give out a false problem or he is just unable to find a suitable solution to the problem he gave out?” Those were some of the unanswered questions on the minds and lips of students as they looked on with fading hope.

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The lecturer moved to the board, withdrew a little to have a better view perhaps his eyes were playing tricks on him. Some emphatic students rushed to his rescue when they realized he was unable to find a solution to the Maths problem he gave them.

Al this while, the backbenchers were sitting idly; looking forward to their lecturer providing a solution to the maths problem.

Long as they waited, even with the intervention of other students, they eventually realized that their learned lecturer was clearly not in the “mood to find a solution to the problem”

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Perhaps the problem never existed. Or the lecturer in a bid to find ‘X’ failed to find himself.

It was a sweet-sour moment for the students but it was clearly an embarrassing moment for the lecturer who would have to redeem himself ASAP.

Check Out Video Below:

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