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Tyrone Marghuy, one of two Rastafarian boys involved in a legal battle with Achimota School, is said to have topped his class in Science and Elective Maths.

Despite his inability to study with the rest of the class due to his admissions situation, the Rasta student excelled in the exams.

Following the development, the headmistress is said to have withheld the rest of the results.

“We were anticipating the rest of the results. So I asked him this morning if the rest of the results were in, and he said ‘no,’ because the headmistress or someone said the rest of the results shouldn’t be given to them anymore,” Marghuy’s father revealed in a circular.

Under the current circumstances, he expressed concern that the authorities might tamper with the rest of their ward’s results.

“I hope they don’t tamper with the rest of the results,” Marghuy’s father said.

“I suspect they want to keep it private because they don’t want it to become public because it would be a disgrace to the school if the boy didn’t study with the class and still beat them in the exams…” the parent explained.

Meanwhile, the other Rasta student, Oheneba Nkrabea, is a student at Ghana International School (GIS) in Accra.

According to sources, the Rasta student’s parents transferred their ward to the prestigious international school after learning of the Attorney General’s decision to appeal the High Court’s ruling in their favour earlier this year.

The news of Oheneba’s departure has been kept under wraps as the legal challenge to overturn a high court ruling continues apace.

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