Don’t think of marriage if you don’t have at least GHC150K your account – Life coach tells women

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Nigerian writer and life coach, Solomon Buchi has made a controversial statement on social media urging women to work on their financial stability before thinking of marriage.

In a post shared on Twitter, he stated emphatically that any woman who doesn’t have at least N10 million (GHC149,000) sitting in her account should not think of setting down.

In addition, Solomon said women interested in getting married should have a steady monthly income of N400,000 which is equivalent to GHC6,000.

He wrote: ”No women should think of marriage if she doesn’t have at least 10m Naira in her account with a steady monthly source of income of at least 400K Naira.”

Solomon Buchi’s post appears to take a subtle swipe at women who don’t bring anything to the table in a relationship and to a large extent marriage.

Even though men are considered the head of the family and responsible for the ukeep of the home, he believes women also have a responsibility to play which includes bringing financial assistance to their partners.

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