Chief Linquist sleeps with her 14-year-old daughter; claims it was to confirm her virginity » GhBase•com™

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A Chief Linguist identified as Okyeame Kofi Agyemang at the Palace in Ankaase near Afigyase in the Ashanti region of Ghana is in the grips of the Police for forcibly sleeping with his 14-year-old biological daughter with the excuse that he was testing to see if she was still a virgin.

Kumasi-based Kesssben FM reported that the linguist forced her daughter who was unwilling to have an affair with her father but the father overpowered her and slept with her while her mother was away.

According to the man who has now been arrested, he wanted to be sure the girl was still a virgin.

The Radio station reports that the mother had left the girl in the care of the father and gone for a funeral outside Ankaase near Afigyase in the Ashanti region.

Okyeame Kofi is said to have met his daughter smearing pomade on her body after she had taken her bath and seeing how beautiful the kid has grown to become, he jumped on her took what he wanted.

After forcing his way with the young girl, he warned her not to tell her mother.

But the teenager has been haunted by what happened and had to disclose what transpired to her mother who reported the linguist to the Chief of their community.

Okyeame Kofi Agyemang has since been handed over to the Police in Ankaase to deal with the matter since it’s a criminal matter.

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