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Catholic priest in Germany impregnates Joyce Dzidzor Mensah (Details) » GhBase•com™

Well, for starters this is not a mere allegation as Joyce Dzidzor Mensah herself took to Facebook to reveal this new information that will surely set the internet ablaze as her usual templates dictate. 

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In a fresh post sighted on her Facebook page, said a Hamburg-based Catholic priest has put her in the family way and she’s gutted by this new development because she never expected it.

According to her, she has had an Intrauterine Device (IUD) birth control implant fixed for her a year ago and was not expecting to get pregnant anytime soon. If this turns out to be true, the Ghanaian celebrity and former HIV/AIDS ambassador is on her way to becoming the mother of four kids.

But, of course, Joyce added a layer to this new twist as spotted in the text t hat follows;

“Oh God please help me. I can’t be pregnant. I haven’t slept the whole night. Oh, my dear father in the grave please help your daughter for I cannot bear another pregnancy again. The man responsible too is a Catholic Priest in Hamburg,” she wrote.

She hints that should the pregnancy turn out to be true after further tests, she will take legal action against the facility that fixed her IUD for failing to do a professional job.

“I had an IUD last year but why again? I will go for another pregnancy test on Monday and if it’s still true, I will sue the facility who did this unprofessional IUD family planning for me,” she stated.

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