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Budding Ghanaian actor and Date Rush alumni, Michael Agyare, known popularly as Grandpa has revealed the relationship between their pubic hair and vajayjay.

In a conversation with Adwen the Love Doctor on eTV Ghana’s adult show, In Bed with Adwen, Grandpa noted that overgrown pubic hair makes the vajayjay shrink in size hence women should allow their men to shave it on their behalf before sex.

“If you keep an unshaved pussy, it makes your vagina get smaller. Also, if you don’t shave your vagina, you can develop a very bad smell around the place”, he said.

He further added that some men who practice the withdrawal method as a form of contraceptive end up spilling the sperms on the woman’s vagina and if she doesn’t wash properly, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and we all know the end result.

He advised that it is important for men to shave their partners’ private parts for them, however, if a woman has no man in her life or her man does not shave for her, it does not mean she should keep a bushy vagina.


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