Bank Orders Man To Pay Back £110,000 Mistakenly Credited To His Account After Using The Money To Buy House » GhBase•com™

A 54-year-old man, Russell Alexander has been requested to pay back money that was mistakenly credited into his bank account.

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The man narrated that on 29th, December 2020 he received a credit alert of £30,000 into his account and it continued into the following year to the point that the amount clocked ¢110,000.

According to him, the series of mistaken credit transfers forced him to approach the bank, Barclays, England to inform them about it.

He was told by the bank that the money was from an inheritance hence he could keep it. As he was armed with the knowledge that it’s an inheritance fund, Russell proceed to buy a house in June.

Well, Barclay’s bank after realizing their mistake nine months later ordered the man to pay back the money.

The bank stated that the money was transferred by another person erroneously but Russell was incorrectly advised that he could keep the funds.

However, they were able to get back the money from the man’s account as he left it equivalent there along with some extra money.

Barclays bank has offered him £500 as compensation but the Norfolk resident in the UK has accused the bank of stealing his plans and left him like a stowaway.

In his words, “”…It made no sense to me when the money just arrived, but I checked with the bank twice and with an accountant – they all said to spend it.”

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