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8 mistakes ladies make with their underwear [Photos]

The underwear we wear in most cases can make all the difference in our health. Without taking much time explaining what an underwear is, let’s proceed to the eight mistakes we make when it comes to choosing underwear and how we wear it:

1. Too tight underwear

In addition to looking bad, tight underwear can prove irritating to the skin and vagina, especially after menopause, since after this period, the vaginal walls tend to get thinner.

2. The shape

If you wear very tight and ‘climbed’ underwear, this can cause problems with blood circulation. Furthermore, this problem can cause numbness in limbs.

Synthetic fabrics and silk: Experts say you can choose whatever material you want, as long as the crotch is covered with cotton.

As long as the vaginal area is protected by cotton, there’s no problem choosing the underwear you want. However, if you have sensitive skin, choose to leave synthetic fabrics aside and use silk only on special occasions, says experts. 

Furthermore, these two tissues are the ones that least allow the body to ‘breathe’, which encourages the growth of bacteria.

4. Flossing

If you usually have infections and irritations in the vagina, don’t wear underwear. They’re an excellent means of transport for bacteria – front to back and back again. But if you’ve never had problems and are comfortable with them, keep using them.

5. Wearing underwear at night

It’s a matter of taste, but the truth is that if you don’t wear underwear at night, your body can ‘breathe’ better.

6. Walking ‘nothing’ during the day

The beginning of the night does not apply to the day – if the pants are too close to the vaginal area, it can cause irritation. If you’re wearing skirts or dresses, there’s nothing that absorbs vaginal moisture, this imbalance can lead to skin irritation. Hence it is advisable to wear underwear when going out in th day time.

7. Sweaty Underwear

Experts advise people who tend to sweat a lot to change their underwear at least twice a day. The warm, humid environment is perfect for bacteria to grow.

8. Using any detergent

The main cause of irritation in the vaginal area is laundry detergent. The tissues that your panties come into contact with are much more sensitive than your elbow’s. So pay attention to the detergent 

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