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Mamady Doumbouya, leader of the special forces, seized power on 5 September. The former French legionary returned to Guinea barely three years ago and managed to gain the confidence of President Alpha Condé, whom he has since turned against.

And since taking over the administrative power, below are 5 policies or better still directives colonel Mamady Doumbouya has successfully established in Guinea basically to better the lives the people.

  1. “Our objective is to let every Guinean enjoy the benefits of the country’ – Col. Mamady Doumbouya

He stressed that their main objective is to allow the citizens of Guinea to live together in comfort and harmony and also make sure every citizen enjoys the benefits of their country.

“We’re here to allow Guineans to live together and for all of us to enjoy the benefits of this country. We are not here to play games”


2. ‘Build Factories and Process Bauxite Locally’ – Doumbouya Orders Mining Companies In Guinea. Doumbouya urged mining companies in Guinea to build factories and process bauxite locally instead of exporting them.


3. Doumbouya orders corrupt judges to return their official cars and properties. He has also barred the judges who approved Alpha Conde’s third term from travelling outside the country.


4. Doumbouya wants Alpha Condé to stand trial and answer for the atrocities committed under his tenure as president.


5. Colonel Mamady Doumbouya shots down directives from the ECOWAS to Guinea saying they remain firm in their position.


He says, “We CNRD, remain firm on our positions and will not let ourselves be intimidated by this union of heads of state. We are accountable only to the people of Guinea.”



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