5 easy ways to remove hair from your pubic region

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Most people do not want a forest of hair growing in their pubic region.

These are easy ways to shave pubic hairs [theconversation]

There are so many ways to remove hair from down below but here are five of the best ways.

Shaving is the most popular and painless method of being hairless, clean and getting rid of pubic hair.

It has some pros and cons. The pros are it is quick, easy, painless and cheap but the cons are that it can cause itchiness, redness and some bumps.

Reduce the cons by using shaving cream or lotion, soaking your pubic area in warm water or shaving after a warm bath and using a sharp shaving stick.

If you are not looking to shave all your hair off, then you could use scissors. This is painless and you will not injure yourself.

But make sure the scissors are new, clean and sharp. Sit down in good light while doing this.

Of course, hair grows back faster with this method.

There are so many hair removal creams to choose from in stores and pharmacies. Hair removal creams are also called depilatory creams.

These creams are chemicals that break down the protein in hair, weaken it and allow it to be removed easily.

As you wipe the cream off, the hair goes with it. This method does not inflict pain and it lasts longer before you need to shave again.

The downside is some people are allergic to these creams and women should avoid putting them inside their vaginas.

Laser hair removal is a method of removing hair using laser and heat. This slows down hair growing again.

It might cause redness, itching and some skin infections.

Waxing is another means of removing the hair in your pubic region. Waxing strips are used to remove hair follicles from their roots.

It is the best way to have a hairless pubic area but it is very painful and can cause infection and irritation.

The positive side of it is that it takes a long time for hair to grow back.

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